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Delphi components  

ACiDDraw ANSI Editor

  Версия: 1.25r
Автор:ACiD Productions
Скачать Цена:$20


ACiDDraw is an ANSI screen editing utility for creating and manipulating ANSI and ASCII text. ACiDDraw now supports ANSI, ASCII, Pascal, C, ASM, COM, BIN and PCBOARD save formats. Other features include four editing pages at 1,000 lines each, 160-column editing mode, VGA previewing, block loading and text justification, Undo, DOS shell, extended background color support (a.k.a iCE Colour), global commands, sequential file saving, mouse support, and more. Based upon Ian Davis' TheDraw, many of ACiDDraw's basic features and organization are parallel. In addition to these, however, it has many refined and added features. The authors of ACiDDraw have sought to include, within an efficient and tightly organized program, the most useful tools for manipulating ANSI and ASCII text conceivable. The ideas and suggestions of some of the most experienced artists in the fields of ANSI and ASCII art have been implemented in every way possible, to create, what we hope, is the most useful utility of this type to date. System Requirements: - 286 processor or better - DOS v3.30 or higher (Compatible with most DOS emulators) - 480KB free memory (Approximately) - CGA video card and monitor - MCGA video card and monitor for 50 line mode and VGA viewing - SVGA video card and monitor for Hirez VGA viewing Suggested Requirements: - 1MB of free extended memory (For multiple pages) - SVGA video card, with VESA support - Mouse with a Microsoft compatible mouse driver


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