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Absolute Fretboard Trainer

  Версия: 2.40
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AFT is a raining tool for guitar and bass players who want to know the fretboard of the instrument perfectly and effortlessly. Mastering the fretboard helps to play better, improvise, minimize errors and generally enjoy playing much more. AFT's interactive lessons and drills will help you know each and every note on the fretboard just like you know the open strings. You will end up knowing every note and position without thinking and without hesitation. AFT's 'note-to-position' exercises will teach you how to play any note on the fretboard without having to think about it. AFT's 'position-to-note' exercises will make sure that at any time, in any position, you always know exactly what you are playing, avoid errors, and boost your performance. In AFT's 'pacing' drills you will play along with the Trainer at different speeds and levels of difficulty, taking your fretboard knowledge and musical ear to a whole new level. Other special drills will develop other specific aspects of your guitar and bass playing. To help you learn the most with minimum effort, AFT includes 18 lessons with detailed explanation and plenty of examples. Knowing the fretboard very, very well can be achieved in only a few weeks by using AFT a few minutes a day.



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