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Task-O-Matic is a comprehensive task list manager/organizer that helps you to quickly organize all of your business or personal notes and to do lists. The software uses a fully skinned graphically rich interface with a choice of skins.

Softtanks Security Software

You can Start the security system whenever you leave your computer. В· It will not allow others to view your data and update them in your absence. В· It will stop viruses comming from other people when you are away

Family Budget

Family Budget is a powerful and easy-to-use program to analyse your family budget. With this program you'll be able to understand to what things your family spends most of all money, and whom takes most of your family expenses.


Easily and quickly manage your daily personal financial affairs such as cash, savings, checking, credit cards, liabilities, creditor's rights, loans, investments, insurance, budgets and so on with 33 types of reports or charts.

Resume Builder

Powerful resume writing application will help you create a great looking professional visualy exciting resume. Our application does the thinking and writing for you.

Print Inspector

Print Inspector is a flexible utility that helps you manage print jobs in your corporate network and collect detailed usage statistics including the number of printed documents and pages for each user and each shared printer.


Integrates Schedules, Notes, and Contacts in one versatile package. Multiple import/export, save and print capabilities make Synconizer a straightforward, fast and secure PIM. Synconizer can even synchronize and share data over the Internet and LAN.

SQL Diagrams

A graphical overview of your database solution. Don't spend hours trying to understand your database, see it with SQL Diagrams. Graphically understand, how your tables, views, SPs, UDFs, triggers and other database objects interact, and more.

Home bookkeeping

"Home bookkeeping" has been designed to save your personal expenses. "Home bookkeeping" presents the following features: recording the expenses, incomes, credits and debts, planning, a detailed report, diagrams constructing, printing, exporting.

Network Inventory Expert

Network Inventory Expert allows you to make up a network inventory without installation of software on the user's PCs. This program allows you to get information about operational systems, service packs, hotfixes, hardware, installed software.

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Ни один жанр литературы не содержит столько вымысла, сколько биографический.
У. Чэннинг


Наводнение. Все стараются перебраться на сухое место,
лишь один старик сидит в кресле. "Скорее сюда!" -- кричат ему с
последнего грузовика. "Бог мне поможет",-- спокойно отвечает
старик и молится.
А вода все выше, она уже заливает комнату. К дому под-
плывает последняя лодка. С нее кричат: "Прыгайте сюда, осталось
еще одно место!" -- "Бог мне поможет" -- невозмутимо отвечает
старик и перелезает на крышу. Но вода добралась и туда. Над до-
мом зависает вертолет, с него сбрасывают веревочную лестницу:
"Цепляйтесь! Это последний шанс!", но старик по-прежнему твер-
дит: "Бог мне поможет".
Тут набежала волна и смыла старика. В раю он встречает
Бога и укоризненно говорит: "Боже, я так на тебя рассчитывал! Что
же ты меня бросил в беде?" -- "Идиот! Кретин! А кто, спрашива-
ется, посылал тебе грузовик, лодку и вертолет?!"


Это одно и то же, но совершенно разные вещи.

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