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Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы


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System clock synchronization, Alarm clock, Agenda, Reminders, Time cumulator etc. are all bundled in TimeRanger. This program keeps all of your timed events under tight surveillance and alerts you when they become due. Unlimited number of events.

Quick Tab

Quicktab is a VB dll component that allows developers to add tab controls in their ASP Applications. It generates 100% HTML output, no Active X is required. your applications

Power Clock

The ultimate employee time clock. Easy to use, looks like a traditional mechanical time clock. Easy Email. Job, Phase, Production tracking. Automatic lunch deduct. Clock in using secure card. Multi-site file sync. Client-server network mode.

Time Zone Helper

Don't wake your boss at 3am! Time Zone Helper lets you set up different time zones for the people you talk to across the world, and it shows you the working time overlap between you and them.

Time Zone Map

Provides local time and date for locations worldwide with accurate adjustments for daylight savings time. Runs on your laptop or desktop and lists locations by the City name for easy lookup.


TimeLeft is a countdown, reminder, clock, stopwatch, timer, sticker and time synchronization utility. TimeLeft uses Winamp skins, it's attractive, easy to use and highly configurable. Watching seconds ticking away makes some glad event so much closer


Clock Chimes, Alarm Clock, Calendar, Atmosphere Information, Net Synchronization, World Clock, Timers, Distance Calculator and Screen Saver.

Click Clock

Animated weather radar & satellite, local temperature in tray, local weather, internet time sync, sun/moon rise, map, animated moon phase, planets, eclipse, equinox/solstice, meteors, dictionary, thesaurus, calculator, full year calendar, 27 holidays


Create multiple alarms that repeat at simple to complex intervals. An alarm can remind you of events, visit web sites, send e-mail, play sounds, or run applications. A well-designed interface makes Alarm++ flexible and easy-to-use.

Picture Timeclock

Have your employees clock in and out with the options to: Take their picture. Greet them with messages. Use the internal or Scheduling Employees 2000 database. Report tips on clocking out. Local language translations.

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