Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы
Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы
Delphi components  

Eficium TeleFactura

  Версия: 1.40
Автор:Eficium SPRL
Скачать Цена:$1159


Eficium TeleFactura is the definitive switch billing programme for Calls + Access Service Providers distributing telecoms services, such as telecoms operators, service distributors, callshop and tele-shop operators, and any company needing a full-featured programme to effortlessly manage their telecoms/telephony customers. Fully compatible with Voice over IP CDR's. Managing hundreds or even thousands of phone-using customers has never been so easy! Main features include: * Extensive numbers of configuration options so your market needs are matched as closely as possible * Keep all suppliers and customers lists and organise them in one clear, easy-to-use interface. Referral system between customers supported by the programme; * Manage price lists easily: o TeleFactura can handle any type of CDR files. You are then no limited to one hardware platform or one type of CDR. o Support is given to up to 8 standard types of call costs (peak, offpeak, week-end, ...) and TeleFactura enables you to create your very own costs; o Create Least Cost Routing lists with advanced options that enable you to identify the best mix of destination vs. cost between any number of lists. * Full-featured Call Data Records (CDR's) functionality: o Choose which customers you wish to invoice, the time period targeted, the customers whose numbers have to be billed and let the programme scan through any type or number of CDR's , any number of customers, and save each customer's fully itemised or summarised invoice to a directory on your pc using any one of 6 available formats (XML, HTML, PDF, XLS, WORD, CSV), and run print outs of the invoice using a batch functionality; o The handling of this process can be performed individually for one customer or, unmanned, for your entire database of customers; o Retrieve CDR's from the Internet using the built-in FTP tool. *** Distributors sought world-wide ***



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"Встречайте детьми люблю целую скучаю".
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дит дочь из вагона, с ней трое: один на руках, другой держится за
юбку, а третий из-за спины выглядывает.
Обнялись, поохали, поахали. Отец и говорит:
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-- Папа, ну вы скажете такое?! Это не старшенький, а мой но-
вый муж. Арнольд, выйди из-за спины, познакомься с родителями.


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