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Excel Compare

  Версия: 8.0
Автор:XL Consulting GmbH
Скачать Цена:$79


Excel Compare is a tool that allows you to compare and update Excel files, Excel spreadsheets and individual ranges of sheets. Excel Compare offers three different possibilities for using the variations results: 1. MARK DIFFERENCES Excel Compare marks the differences of the underlying spreadsheets and tables. Differences are marked with the following colors: - orange for different cell entries - green for added and columns and rows - light blue for deleted columns and rows At one glance Excel Compare clearly displays all differences and you may decide with which version of the spreadsheet you wish to proceed. 2. CREATE A DIFFERENCE REPORT If desired, you may display the result of the comparison in a reader friendly difference report. On this report you not only see the rows or columns deleted and/or added, but also each individual cell with different values. 3. ANALYZER / UPDATE The third and certainly most comfortable function of Excel Compare is the "Analyzer" tool: After the comparison process the spreadsheets are displayed vertically or horizontally and a user friendly tool bar is displayed, with which you may easily navigate through the differences. Excel Compare ensures that both tables are displayed on your screen in order for you to directly compare all differences. At this point you may decide with which version you wish to continue. With mouse-clicks you may transfer values from table 1 to table 2 or vice versa. This is the quickest way to eliminate all differences and within a short period of time you will have your Excel spreadsheet perfectly updated.



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