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Command-line tool for deleting files after a given number of days. Delete old tmp files, log files and orphaned directories. Can check based upon last accessed date.


Xintegrity makes it virtually impossible for anybody or anything to modify your files without being detected. All your files [including operating system files] can be protected. Xintegrity can create protected backup files allowing file restoration.

Data Stash

Hide your files easily and discreetly! Data Stash is a clever little steganographic security tool that allows you to hide sensitive data files within other files with password protection. The receptacle file remains FULLY functional!

Comparator Fast

Simplifies the comparison / verification / synchronization status of two different directories on any media (local drives, network drives, writable CD's, Compact Flash and electronic media, any drive/disk or device managed as valid windows pathnames)


We have created BackUpTime just for that reason to provide you with a way to securely store your most important data. Hey, if you work around computers, you know how often surprises happen.

FileMap by BB

Find secret files picked up from the Internet, or extras in the system folders, by comparing file lists made by FileMap by BB. It is extra security with no need to run in real time. FileMap by BB is drag and drop instal with no Spyware or AdWare.

Batch Rename .EXE

Run dynamic lists of files through an extensive array of filename filters to ensure that your files are labeled and organized exactly how you want them. Use filters to add information, remove spaces, change capitalization and more.

FileTimeEdit 2

Batch edit all the attributes of files and directories freely. You may select a group of files even directories, and change their createtime, modifytime, accesstime and other file attributes in batch. Moreover, the undo function allow you to rollback


Secure your files from loss and damage by keeping copies online! OnlineCopy you can easily (automatically) store encrypted backups on any ftp server. Quick, easy and secure! Free demo!

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