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Delphi components  

Folder Cruiser Lite

  Версия: 1.0
Автор:FrontBrain Software
Скачать Цена:$0


Folder Cruiser Lite puts an icon in the system tray (area near the clock) on your computer. When you click on this icon a menu is displayed with a list of the folders you have added to this menu. When you place your mouse over one these menu items, a new menu will be displayed that lists the contents of that folder. If there are a large number of items in a folder they can be sorted and grouped by name. When you move your mouse over one of these group menu items, another menu will be displayed listing the items within the folder that start with the letter listed on the group menu item. This will save you time when you are trying to find a particular item inside of a folder with many items in it. You can: Click on any file to open it, Double-click on any folder open it, and Right click on a file or folder to display the Windows Explorer context menu. This gives you the power of Windows Explorer from an easy-to-use menu in your system tray.



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