Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы
Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы
Delphi components  

Frostbow Collection Manager

  Версия: 2.5.2
Автор:Frostbow Software
Скачать Цена:$24.95


Frostbow Collection Manager is a full featured database program for cataloging, organizing, and tracking antiques and collectibles. Twenty-seven separate fields for inputting descriptive data on each of your antiques or collectibles, including: acquisition and appraisal data, two image fields for photos and an image field for scanned receipts. Designed and built for Windows 95/98/ME/NT4+/2000/ME/XP. Easy to use graphical user interface with extensive on-line help. Built-in address book for storing contact information on vendors and appraisers. Built-in image editor for importing, scanning, displaying, and printing images of your collection. Images are stored in JPEG format which greatly diminishes the overall file size of the database. Description, comments, and appraisal comments fields for adding additional identifying or descriptive data. Password protection to safeguard your personal information. Easy to use search, sort, and filter tools. Ability to export collection inventory data to a comma-delimited text file (CSV) and individual JPEG files for use with spreadsheet or other database programs. Supports using multiple collection files and provides backup and restore functionality. Generates and prints seven pre-defined reports you can use to track your antiques or collectibles and provide a listing of your collection for your insurance company. Generates and prints six different charts for viewing summary statistics about your collection. Choose from horizontal bar charts, vertical bar charts, or pie charts. Suggested retail price - US$ 24.95. For more details visit our web site (www.frostbow.com).



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