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Increased Odds

  Версия: 1.0
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Increased Odds makes the picking of lottery tickets fun and exciting. Increased Odds allows you to build a database of lottery history and use the results from statistical charts to create sets of numbers for your favorite lottery. Pick numbers based on past and future probabilities (Most frequent, Least frequent) or just random. The main engine of Increased Odds gives you the power to pick a set of tickets based on a large group of numbers. Key Features include: ability to customize a database to any "n pick r" lottery; view 8 different charts with a total of 15 variations; generate random numbers. Increased Odds is a shareware application developed by the members of the Asynchrony Community. Asynchrony is a unique virtual community where members share ideas and form teams to collaborate on software projects. Asynchrony markets the finished software and gives the lion's share of revenues to the team members who created it. Visit http://www.asynchrony.com to find out how you can earn cash by developing, documenting, and/or testing new applications!



Мир ловил меня, но не поймал.
Г.С. Сковорода


- что такое акселерация
- то, что комсомольцам 20-х было по плечу, комсомольцам 80-х
- по х...!


Чем тебя породил, тем тебя и убью! Тарас Бульба

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