Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы
Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы


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Simply Journal

Your life is worth remembering Simply Journal! Easily record your daily thoughts using this simple-to-use interface. You can keep track and organize your thoughts in ways that paper and pencils don't allow. You can style the text any way you want.

The Journal

The Journal: For your life! For your work! For you! Whatever your journaling needs, The Journal provides an easy-to-use mix of convenience, flexibility, and security.


ActiveDiary is a password-protected diary application. The program uses RSA and Blowfish encryption to protect your data and files. The program offers a number of integrated functions to journal your life and all of your information.

Alpha Journal

Alpha Journal lets anyone keep a private journal, diary or log for personal or business use, but that's not all... Entries are stored in an encrypted file with optional password protection.

My Personal Diary

My Personal Diary lets anyone keep a private diary, journal or log for personal or business use, but that's not all... Entries are stored in an encrypted file with optional password protection.

Glucose Journal and Database

Helps user keep an organized journal of important blood glucose test results. Powerful sorting capabilities let users view their glucose test results in many different ways. All records are kept perfectly ordered by date and time. Data entry is easy.

E-Diary Gold

Discover how you can use this program to keep a safe and permanent record of what could be one of your life's most precious possessions: your private and personal thoughts, your reflections, the daily events of your life,... Very easy to use.


Archetype 2.0 is designed to save you time setting up and maintaining your personal website. Using Archetype you will have more time to enjoy creating memories for your site rather than updating your site.

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Авессалом Подводный


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-- К Дворцу культуры, дядя! -- отвечают пассажиры.
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-- А этот ку-д-да иддет?
-- Да к Дворцу культуры! -- отвечают ему.
-- Тьфу! -- пожимает плечами мужик.-- Чего это сегодня
все автобусы едут к Дворцу культуры?


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