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Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы
Delphi components  

ListGrabber Standard

  Версия: 2.2
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No hassles of Data Entry Cost and Time: Call it a net prospector or a smart ripper which can capture addresses or enter a list of contacts (multi address grabber) into your application in a click and is the most powerful address capture software and a prospecting tool in its class. list grabber not only saves you data entry time and hassle, but also helps to streamline your business, reduce costs while driving new revenue. No More Copy and Paste of Address List into your Address Book: ListGrabber intelligently extracts all contact fields including name, address, phone, email and builds a contact record in Contact Managers like ACT!, GoldMine, Outlook, Excel etc. It is a lead automation software which acts like a contact grabber or a list extractor to capture leads from web pages and helps you avoid that manual, boring and tiresome data-entry process. It's a great grabber which can capture contacts, extract and transfer or import contacts into your applications. Capitalize on e-lead : List Grabber helps people who search leads over the web to build prospect lists faster. Email extractor - Extracts Email from Web Pages Gets lists from popular Online Directories in a Single Click: ListGrabber has been tested and tuned to work with all popular online web directories, yellow pages, membership directories, lead listings and hundreds of other prospect lists including your own Trade show lists etc. It has been tuned over a 6-year period and offers the most accurate lead generation service that exists. The technology is so advanced; it has received an US patent! eGrabber can develop a customized driver for any list that is of interest to you if it does not work. Contact eGrabber to know more. This lead generation tool can be used to extract web for mortgage lead, sales lead, candidate lead, realtor lead or any business lead list in minutes. Get the next century sales tool. Get ListGrabber now!



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