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Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы
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No Spam Today! SMTP Proxy

Автор:byteplant GmbH
Скачать Цена:$249.95


No Spam Today! is an SMTP proxy server based spam filter that sits between the internet and your mail server. Incoming mail is accepted from the open internet, checked for spam, and is then delivered to your existing SMTP mail server. NoSpamToday! uses the award-winning SpamAssassin™ engine to flag spam mail in the subject line and add a filtering report to spam mails according to your configuration. When installing No Spam Today! you will get: 1. A complete one stop setup routine that installs one of the world's most advanced and thorough spam filters on your server in a matter of minutes. 2. A reliable SMTP proxy service software that makes it easy to integrate No Spam Today! into any existing SMTP infrastructure 3. An easy to use Admin Wizard to configure all important settings of No Spam Today! and the SpamAssassin™ engine 4. Updates, e.g. when new versions of the SpamAssassin™ engine are released 5. An attachment blocker, and built-in support for third-party virus checkers 6. Free support (for commercial editions only) For commercial use we offer a pricing for No Spam Today! that offers exceptional value! For personal, non-commercial use there is a fully functional Freeware Edition of No Spam Today! (see website) NoSpamToday! works with products of all vendors of mail server software.



Знаю, что душа бессмертна, но не знаю как.
Д. Кардано


Изя звонит Мойше на работу:
-- Привет, старый козел!
-- А вы знаете, с кем говорите? -- отвечает незнакомый голос.
-- С кем?
-- С генеральным директором фирмы, где работает ваш Мойша.
-- А вы знаете, с кем говорите?
- Нет.
-- Ну и слава Богу! -- говорит Изя и кладет трубку.


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