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Delphi components  

OsaSync Lite

  Версия: 6.0
Скачать Цена:$37.5


With OsaSync you can share and/or synchronize Microsoft Outlook 2000/2002/2003 contacts on your local network or VPN. Use OsaSync when you want to: a} Share some common contacts in your contacts folder with your family members. b) Synchronize your Outlook folders on your laptop with your desktop. c) Collaboratie with others. Save your customers in a COMMON CONTACTS FOLDER Share you Outlook contacts with one or more other computers on your network. Every change you make to a shared contact is automatically reflected in the contact on the other computer(s). Just select the contacts you want to share like your mutual friends or colleagues, click �share’ and these contacts will appear in the contact folder on the other computer(s). OsaSync also enables you to synchronize all contacts on two or more computers. Synchronization happens fully automatically, no action by you is required. Just connecting your computer to the network (for instance in case of a laptop) and starting Outlook is enough to have OsaSync process all the changes. OsaSync is very easy to install and configure, the OsaSync connection wizard will guide you through the configuration steps. No need to be a wizzkid to get OsaSync running! OsaSync supports the use of PDA's or cell phones. OsaSync is shareware, but fully functional during one month for free, so you can try before you buy.



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