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Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы
Delphi components  

PMMail 2000 Standard

  Версия: 2.20.2717
Автор:Blueprint Software Works, Inc
Скачать Цена:$39.95


One of the most versatile email software packages available today, PMMail provides extensive support for emerging Internet standards along with a user-friendly interface. Designed in a simple, easy to understand manner, this email program is great for the beginner or today's power-user. If you are looking for an organized way to manage all your email accounts - be they personal or business - PMMail offers today's busy user a cost-effective, timesaving communication tool. 1) PMMail is designed to handle multiple email accounts easily. This allows today's busy user one program to gather mail for an unlimited number of email accounts. These accounts can be password protected so that several people can use one copy if necessary. 2) PMMail offers users extensive, easy to implement filtering capabilities. This allows messages to be handled in various ways based on user-defined criteria. Users can configure the easiest of sorting filters - for the simplest of tasks, or for power users, the Internet Communications Search Language (ICSL) allows the user to create a filter to receive messages in various computer languages. SPAM can now be a thing of the past. 3) PMMail recognizes all types of messages and file attachments. It supports both sending and receiving messages in standard ASCII format, as well as HTML format. The program can recognize a wide range of file attachment protocols including the standard UUDECODE, the MIME standard, and can even adhere to Macintosh's Binhex standard. 4) PMMail offers an extensive on-line help section. Your questions can be answered quickly without a bulky, hard to understand manual. Go to a search/index section and look up an area of interest, or scroll through many of the most frequently asked questions.



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