Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы
Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы
Delphi components  


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PixGrabber is not just a handy image viewer but also a powerful tool for image archive managing. Images can be collected from various sources, including: Internet, Hard Drive, CDs, etc. Pixgrabber will guard you from annoying ads and allow you to avoid viewing the same pages recurrently. PixGrabber gathers images from the pages you visit either in manual or auto mode. When auto mode is on, images are put into database without your participation. These images can be bound to one or more rubrics, accompanied by your comments and rated. Pixgrabber features meta-search through 7 most popular image-searching engines. Besides, PixGrabber allows arranging image collection without visiting sites themselves. You just have to specify the URL you want the project to start from and the level of image-containing web pages nesting. Also you can download images using filters or URL masks. Program features intellectual algorithm responsible for identification of duplicate pictures that allows not only finding duplicate images in the database, but also recognize them in the process of importing. Even more, PixGrabber is powerful bookmark manager and allows adding your personal comments to the current web page and bookmark it straight from the active browser window. PixGrabber blocks ads and pop ups guided by its URLs, dimensions or by actual image placement. When blocking the loading of banners in compliance with user settings, PixGrabber can either cut the banner and “shrink” the page area, which has been occupied by the ad, or change the banner with predefined small text block. Thanks to its link-highlighting feature (strikethrough by default) PixGrabber makes it very easy to avoid useless visiting of the same web pages all the time.



Что тебе, резвый шалун, с могучим оружием делать? - ...Нашим плечам пристала подобная ноша.


Как-то люди увидели бедняка, который горько плакал.
-- Какое горе приключилось с тобой? -- спросили они.
-- Приближается зима, а у меня нет даже халата.
-- Не горюй,-- говорят ему,-- Бог тебя не оставит на произ-
вол судьбы.
-- Где там,-- отвечал бедняк,-- в прошлом году я тоже по-
надеялся на Бога, но он сделал так, что зиму встретил я не только
без халата, но и без туники.


Делать добро дуракам - все равно, что подливать воду в море

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