Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы
Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы
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Porno Crawler

  Версия: 5.0
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Are you tired of wasting hours searching the web for good quality adult content? Are you annoyed at adult pay sites which promise limitless images and movies only to rip you off once you sign up? Are you sick of pop-ups and adware infecting your computer? There is a simple solution... Porno Crawler is a Shareware Program for Windows. Porno Crawler is a special web-crawler robot : It is able to explore sex web sites on the Internet, to explore the galleries of pictures and movies they contain, and to download filtered media files from them directly to your computer, all by itself. It is possible to select porn categories, and to define a very precise behaviour for the robot using keywords and other tools. Porno Crawler comes with an impressive list of 300+ huge sex sites sorted into popular categories. The program speed is just amazing. You won't even be able to watch all the files it will download. Just try it and you will see ! The secret of Porno Crawler is that this program downloads porn files from external web sites that are refreshed daily or weekly by their owners. Porno Crawler has the ability to search into Internet Sex Directories, and to recognize millions of pictures and movies galleries within billions of advertisements. Of course you could search the web yourself, but you can also save your time and let this special robot do it in your place. Skip the ads, avoid the viruses, and get only the files. Let Porno Crawler find them for you. Try it for free and download 50 Megabytes of porn pictures and videos.



Рубль добудешь, ну, полтину пропьешь, полтину пробуянишь. Всего и барышу, что голова болит.
Русская поговорка


-- Я уверена, папочка, что у Джона в отношении меня самые
серьезные намерения!
-- Почему ты так думаешь?
-- Он спрашивает, как готовит мама и сколько ты зарабатываешь.


Опаздывал на службу - стоял в трамвае как на жареных гвоздях.

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