Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы
Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы
Delphi components  


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A thousand years ago, on a world many light years away, two factions came to war. Their society was technologically advanced, and in danger of destroying itself and the planet. One faction desired to continue their advanced ways, the other advocated a return to a more simple life. There were those, however, who realized the fallacy of war, seeing that it could only hasten the destruction of their world. They banded together, forming a separate council, and soon found that others shared their feelings. Many of them with unusual powers of mind, others with great prowess on the field of battle. Those with mental powers were asked to use them to enlighten the council concerning the activities of both sides. When armed intervention was needed the others were dispatched. These men at arms were the equal of those either side had to offer. In time, due to the color of the armor they wore, they became known as the Gray Legion. Once the war was quelled, it was decided that those who wished to return to a less technical way of life, be relocated to a new world and allowed to live in peace. This was done, but all contact was not severed, and the Gray Legion continued to see to their protection. In the early days, near the dawn of history, a race of great craftsmen lived in a far land. They were well trained in all the arts, but excelled in the art of sword making. The Great Book of the Gray Legion tells of the making of three wondrous swords. They were said to have mystical powers, but could only be wielded by their rightful guardians. It was believed that the swords had a soul of their own and would not allow themselves to be used for anything save the good of the land they were to serve. In the middle ages the swords were hidden away, not to return to the light of day until new masters came to claim them.



Брак - сообщество, состоящее из господина, госпожи, и двух рабов, общей численностью в два человека.
А. Бирс


Миссис Мейпл ненавидела очереди, и люди, которые ста-
рались пролезть вне очереди, вызывали у нее возмущение.
И вот однажды, когда миссис Мейпл подходила к кассе,
один молодой человек попросил пропустить его, так как он, мол,
очень торопится.
-- Тем более,-- сказал он,-- у меня всего одна банка соба-
чьих консервов.
-- Проходите, пожалуйста,-- громко разрешила миссис
Мейпл,-- если вы так проголодались!


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