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Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы
Delphi components  

Recipe Wizard

  Версия: 2.0
Автор:Microblast Software
Скачать Цена:$19.95


Recipe Wizard offers a quick and easy way to organize and track your favorite recipes. It uses a series of self-descriptive icons to guide you through the selection process. Choose from a variety of cuisines or categories. You can also search for specific recipes by name, ingredients, category, occasion, preparation method, or a host of other choices. A glossary offers brief descriptions for a wide range of cooking terms. The program interface is well designed and easy to navigate. The complete recipe and preparation steps are displayed in the same window, and space is provided for your own personal notes. Once you have the recipe you want, you can print it out to take to your kitchen. If you enjoy cooking and have a bunch of recipes, Recipe Wizard will give you a good place to organize your collection.



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