Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы
Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы
Delphi components  


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Student Report Writer can easily create, modify, retrieve & present groups of reports with 10,000+ statements covering subjects from early years to year 10 in a compressed database format. It only takes a few seconds per pupil-subject to automatically create a concise description in line with their attainment target level, assessment, test and exam records; and/or customised statement banks plus direct input. However, in reality reading and making the odd change plus a final personal statement turns the seconds into a few minutes. Text may be modified, spell checked and the printed output, including photo, formated to create a consistent school standard completely from within the application. Reports may be Exported then Imported to a central School PC in order to enable merged output with a different teacher for each subject. There are eleven user defined subject headings as well as the twelve traditional subjects, also PSHE and Head's comments. Parental feedback can also be accomodated. The design includes a number of novel concepts and is focused on reducing the Teacher's burden; the 'distributed processing' approach where Pupil groups, including photo, may be created on the School system and then simply Imported to a home PC, also previous years reports may be transferred to enable continuity. An advanced dictionary and thesaurus, spell checker and the word finish function are also provided. Printed student reports may be created for an individual subject and/or for all subjects, even when created by different teachers in different Classes or Sets, the format may be modified to suit your school's preferences. Printed output may include photo/attendance and can be formated from within the 'stand alone' program which has network capabilities.



Всё - суета сует и томление духа. (Всё - суета сует и ловля ветра)


-- Скоро мы будем счастливы!
-- Да, осталось каких-то две недели до суда.
-- Как было бы хорошо, чтобы это произошло завтра...
-- Это невозможно, дорогая, ведь не одни мы с тобой хотим
быть счастливыми. Нужно дождаться очереди.



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