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WaveNET mp3

A free mp3 encoding software package that uses LAME mp3 encoder to give you excellent sounding .mp3 files from your .wav files. Convert wav's to great sounding mp3's simple and fast.

Advanced Audio CD Ripper

Advanced Audio CD RipperВ® is a powerful ripping tool with unique Click Noise Removal technology. Multi-drive support allows you set batch-mode ripping for up to four CD-ROM drives in packet mode.

eConcept CD to MP3 Converter

Convert and rip your CD's to MP3's and WAV files in minimal time. eConcept CD to MP3 Converter allows you to rename your tracks before ripping and encoding, as well as setting the bit rate that you want to encode your files at (radio to CD quality).

Audio CD Ripper Pro

We all love MP3 files as we can copy them to our MP3-players and listen to them on the go. But what do we do with all those favorite CDs we possess? Audio CD Ripper Pro allows extracting music tracks from CDs and converting them to MP3, WAV and OGG!

BPS CD-DVD Rip N' Burn

BPS CD-DVD Rip N' Burn is for ripping audio files from CDs to your hard drive and saving them as (WAV, MP3 (including VBR),Ogg Vorbis, WMA).It can burn DVDs or create on-the-fly customized Audio CDs from your favorite songs in the supported formats.

AudioConverter Studio

AudioConverter Studio is an Audio Converter and a CR-Ripper combined into one easy-to-use utility. It does CD to mp3 conversion on the fly, rips CD tracks to wav files and does mp3 to wav and wav to mp3 conversion. Available for FREE download now!

BPS CD Ripper / Grabber

CD Ripper - tool for converting your audio-CDs collection to WMA (Windows Media Audio), OGG Vorbis and MP3 and WAV PCM. Fast direct conversion with jitter correction, CDDB Support feature and a handy interface gives you this must have tool.

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Б. Брехт


Иностранная делегация посетила советский завод. Мастер
рабочий темпераментно беседуют, никого не замечая. Один из
иностранцев знает русский и переводит беседу остальным:
- мастер предлагает рабочему обработать деталь, ссылаясь
на то, что он состоит в интимных отношениях с матерью рабочего.
рабочий отказывается обрабатывать деталь, ссылаясь на то, что
он состоит в интимных отношениях с матерью мастера, с начальни-
ком цеха, с директором завода и с самой деталью.


...и долго бился головой о сапоги учаскового... из протокола

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