Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы
Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы
Delphi components  


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Автор:K&R Software
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Tired of writing and writing similar emails? You don't have to. Let SMTPTo do the stupid work for you. Your time is to valuable, go for the tasks where you're brain is needed or just enjoy your more relaxed life. It does not matter which type of emails you have to write: follow-ups for info requests, prize inquiries, download requests, answers to frequently asked questions, typical additional information requests, just to name a few. You create your standardized answers and from now on, answering boring emails is a pleasure. Even better, your recipients will love how detailed and but incredible fast you are able to answer. Key benefits: - React faster and better by email - Use templates to send standardized emails - Personalize common emails - Stop writing similar messages - Email from any app w/ command line support - Works great with script languages and batch files Unique Features: Attachments: With every email you can send multiple attached files. The path information of the files can be given relative and absolute, including UNC. Command Line: SMTPTo works directly from the windows command line and with every application that supports command line. Easy-to-use: Only the absolute necessary parameters have to be passed, like sender, recipients, subject and message. All other parameters are optional and only need to be passed when you need to change the defaults. HMTL and Text Message: No need to choose. If you send a html message SMTPTo automatically creates the corresponding text message, that your recipients can definately read it. Related Files: The ideal option for full-featured html messages. Send all additional files related, that the recipients don't need to go online to view the message correct. Easily include script files, css or images. No Mail Server Required: The build-in SMTP server connects your recipients' mail server directly. More: Quiet Mode, supports Unicode (UTF-7/UTF-8), Firewall/Proxy (socks4/5), message from file



Пока талант пробьётся, бездарность уже успеет выслужиться.
В. Жемчужников


Жена сказала мужу:
-- Я очень не люблю твоих братьев. Как появятся у тебя день-
ги, они все тут как тут и вовсю пользуются твоей щедростью. А
когда у тебя в кошельке пусто и ты сам бедствуешь, ни один из них
на глаза не покажется.
Муж ответил:
-- Они очень вежливые и не хотят доставлять мне лишних
хлопот, когда нам нечем с ними поделиться.


Однолюб - ... но многоеб!(с)

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