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A tool for translation, design improvement and development. Work with windows resources of applications and its components (PE files). Restorator allows modifying and adding images, icons, sounds, dialogs, menus, and other resources.

Visual Paradigm for UML (Standard Edition) for Java Platform

Visual Paradigm for UML is a platform-independent UML tool that runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X. VP-UML supports all UML diagrams, reverse engineering (Java, C++, XML, CORBA IDL, DotNET dll...), code generation, import Rational Rose, plugin, etc.


Now you can add a beautiful landscape picture to your Internet Explorer toolbars! Skinner automatically downloads pictures(skins) from it's online gallery, and all you have do is click to apply a new skin.


WorldCalc is a calculator and currency converter with daily exchange rate updates provided by Cloanto, a leader in currency services. Includes a spreadsheet interface and translucent skins. The unregistered version displays an advertising banner.

Euro Calculator

Euro Calculator is a calculator and currency converter with internet agent that collects daily rates. Features include a spreadsheet interface and translucent skins. Calculator and euro conversion functionality never expire (freeware).

Free Kazaa Skins

Kazaa Skins is a collection of stylish skins that are compatible with Kazaa and Kazaa lite. This program saves time in searching and downloading the sperate skins and looking through ones that you like and don't like.

Aversoft Sticker

Aversoft Sticker is featured reminder / scheduler for Windows. Sticker allows you to create as many notes as you want, set note's alarm, schedule tasks, print notes and lock them from being accidentally deleted. The notes are saved automatically.

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Если Бога нет, то какой же я после этого капитан? (высказывание капитана Лебядкина, "Бесы")
Ф.М. Достоевский


Понес как-то ходжа Насреддин зерно на мельницу. Жена
завязала ему мешок, но по пути он развязался, да не один раз. Пока
Насреддин добрался до мельницы, ему пришлось раз десять завя-
зывать мешок.
Вернулся Насреддин домой и как следует отчитал жену:
-- Ну и завязала ты мне мешок, неумеха! Целых десять раз
пришлось мне останавливаться и заново завязывать.


Поздняя пташка глазки продирает, а ранней уже клювик начистили

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