Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы
Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы
Delphi components  

Smart Diary Suite

  Версия: 3.10
Автор:Programming Sunrise Ltd.
Скачать Цена:$29.95


Smart Diary Suite is more than a simple Diary or a PIM. It is instead a total personal information manager. It can be as simple or as extensive as you want it to be. Smart Diary Suite is a diary software that was designed to assist people in their everyday task of keeping personal information in one place. The diary itself has full formatting abilities and voice recording. But the most unique part of SDS is the fully customizable parameters that allow you to monitor anything you wish and then give them additional meaning through a graphing function. The diary offers you seven mediums for entering and viewing your data in addition to your daily Diary text: Parameter Values, Voice, Finance, Drafts, Journal, E-mails, Poetry. These categories are suggested headings only and can be changed if you wish. In total you have eight ways to record your daily events. In the Diary section proper it is suggested that you enter text related to traditional diary keeping needs. Use parameters to track among other things, moods and health (depending on you setup selection) which you can view in the graph. In Voice you may record an audio related to the day. While, Finance, Drafts, Journal, E-mails, and Poetry are designed to keep data related to specific diary events. You may supplement the data collection in the Diary section by using the Scratch-pad which offers you a further 9 storage areas for temporary data that you from time to time collect. Please explore and enjoy this vast and varied Diary data storage facility. If you elect to download the shareware version of SDS for trial purposes you may use it for 15 entries. Current user comments highly praise the effectiveness of the software in its current form. However, at SDS we are committed to ongoing development and enhancement of this excellent product. With SDS you have purchased much more than diary software, you have purchased a whole new world of Diary experience.



Он написал 8 томов. Было бы, безусловно, лучше, если бы он посадил 8 деревьев или родил 8 детей.
Г. Лихтенберг


Зашел цыган к хозяину и просит:
-- Дай, браток хороший, поесть.
Хозяйка только что приготовила кашу. Хозяин посадил
цыгана за стол, поставил миску с кашей и говорит:
-- Ешь, да смотри: похвалишь -- побью, поругаешь -- тоже
побью, ничего не скажешь -- опять-таки побью.
Съел цыган кашу.
-- Ну, как? -- спрашивает хозяин.
-- Не разобрал, батенька. Дай еще.
Насыпали еще миску. И ее съел цыган.
-- Ну как? Хороша? -- снова спрашивает хозяин.
-- Да такая же, как и в первой миске,-- ответил хитрый цыган.
Так и выкрутился.


Hе все, что можно постpоить следует вклучать.

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