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Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы
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VisualScript XML

  Версия: 1.2
Скачать Цена:$495


VisualScript XML is the first visual scripting tool for XML. Visual scripting allows you to program XML statements into graphical symbols, then simply "drag and drop" the symbols to sketch the flow of a business process. Then the software translates that sketch into an XML script! VisualScript is a "must have" for every XML developer's toolbox. It allows you to (1) define and propagate XML standards, (2) rapidly prototype and demonstrate XML solutions, (3) represent real-world hierarchy and conditional relationships in ways impossible with forms, and (4) help business users translate their process knowledge into XML. VisualScript is to XML what FrontPage was to HTML. VisualScript XML provides the following features and benefits: -"Intelligent" connectors help you quickly create diagrams; - Save your own libraries of re-usable, programmed symbols; - Works with any variety of XML (or any other scripting language); - Generate XML in any number of different languages from the same diagram; - Easily add your own custom models to the user interface; - Support for external include files; - Automatic statement ordering, including hierarchy; - Automatically validate your XML scripts for proper syntax and correspondence with schema; - Includes thousands of built-in symbols ready to be programmed with your XML code, making it simple to generate XML from virtually any type of diagram. Download the free 30-day trial of VisualScript XML today.



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