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Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы
Delphi components  

WinCatalog Light

  Версия: 1.12
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WinCatalog Light is an easy to use yet powerful disk catalog software that can be used for cataloging disks and files. Using WinCatalog Light you can quickly find a needed file in your disk collection, even without inserting any removable disks into the drives. Our CD cataloger keeps the record of all files and folders stored on a disk and then uses this data to help find the needed files. WinCatalog Light supports various disk formats: CD, DVD, diskettes, hard drives, ZIP and jazz disks, removable and network drives, Memory Stick cards and any other storage devices, that can be accessed as drives in MS Windows environment. For better data representation WinCatalog Light scans Zip-archives contents and adds archives to the catalog, extracts mp3, html file descriptions when scanning a disk, and retrieves Audio CD track names from Internet. WinCatalog's main asset is the ability to access any disk's table of contents even if the disk is inaccessible at the moment. You can view the list of files and folders, examine their properties and descriptions, search files by various criteria. You can increase the search relevancy by associating with each file (folder, diska?¦) a set of keywords and a description that characterizes this item. WinCatalog features a built-in list of contacts. Use it to monitor whom of your friends or acquaintances you have given a certain disk. The lent disks are marked with a special icon.



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