Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы
Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы
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ZoomBlaster Photo-Web

  Версия: 4.5
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ZoomBlaster is a tool for sharing, visually exploring, printing and presenting images. Publish pictures instantly from a mobile phone, email address or your PC to a Web-Album at ZoomBlaster.com. Albums are fully automatic, contain categories, slide-shows, recording and relaying of viewer comments by email, thumb-nailing and full-screen presentations. Short descriptions and long narratives are supported. The user can set the precise location of an album, i.e. "http://zoomblaster.com/myalbum" making it easy for friends, family or colleagues to navigate there. Visually explore images with ZoomBlasters unique interactive 'zoom tool' for 'ZoomBlasting'. This gives the experience of 'flying' into images with full control over the 'flight path'. Use a mouse or joystick for control. Zoomed flights can be recorded and presented as 'ZoomShows'. As an add-on for Internet Explorer, pictures on web pages may be enlarged and redisplayed within the page, or 'ZoomBlasted' out of the page and saved in a variety of picture formats. All enlargements benefit from quality enhancement using Alpha-Blending technology contained within DirectX. Print massive posters using ZoomPrinter. Set the poster size with a slider control and ZoomPrinter will 'best fit' the constituent pages. An 'Auto Print' feature maintains track of printed pages and allows a poster print-run to span several computer sessions. Full quality enhancement is provided using DirectX. A 'Blast to File' feature allows the poster pages to be written to disk rather than printed directly. The ThumbPrinter feature allows a collection of images to be automatically thumb-nailed and fitted to one or more of pages. Thus providing a tool for creating a print run of pictures all resized and printed perhaps two or four to a page. Tools are included for resizing a collection of images for emailing. Image editing and thumb-nailing are supported including a sub-folder thumb-nailing feature for exploring your PC.



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Ласло Фелеки


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