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Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы
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PiXPO - Share Photos Instantly

  Версия: 1.5
Автор:How2Share Technologies
Скачать Цена:$29.95


PiXPO is a great new method to share photos instantly! With PiXPO you can share digital images in just three clicks… Create instant albums: PiXPO's photo album software was designed specifically to make managing and sharing images fast and easy. With one click PiXPO automatically finds and organizes all of your pictures into albums using the PiXPO instant album creator. The album management tool allows you to move, sort and delete images from the albums you have already created or even from your Windows file system. You choose which albums are private and which are there for public consumption. Managing your digital photo storage has never been easier. Invite Your Contacts by Email or Web: Even if you are offline, once your invites are sent, your images are hosted and shared. Contacts don't have to wait for the full-sized images or install PiXPO unless there are specific ones they want to download. Oversized e-mail attachments, rejected emails and photo size limits are a thing of the past. Whether you're sharing with one friend at a time or dozens of colleagues at work, PiXPO will save you time and avoid the hassle while sharing your pictures securely. Share Your Pictures: Share your private photo albums with your friends, family and colleagues and your public albums with the world! When you send someone a PiXPO invitation, they see thumbnail size versions of your images instantly. They can preview the online images or install PiXPO to access your entire photo album collection. From the images hosted for free or directly from your desktop, PiXPO shares photos regardless of operating system or browser. Online or Offline: The latest version of PiXPO offers the great function of offline sharing. If you want to share images with someone but cannot stay online, PiXPO uploads your images to the network and hosts them for free! Now you can connect with your contacts even when you are not there. With PiXPO it has never been easier!



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