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Slim Browser

Slim Browser is a multiple-site browser based on tab-page interface. It includes a fully automatic form filler which allows you to fill in, save and manage web forms easily. It provides convenient access to major search engines on toolbar.


WindowSurfer is a complete web browsing application with a true ‘Automatic Login’ feature. It enables you to set your selected web-pages to load automatically on start-up, navigate to the login pages and then fill in your usernames and passwords.

iNetAdviser Professional

All-in-one to make your Internet surfing easy. iNetAdviser allows you to avoid visiting the same web pages due to handy highlighting. It combines the functionality of a multi-window browser, an advanced bookmarker, picture saver, popup and ad stopper


Open multiple web pages in a single browser window. Block annoying pop-ups. Saves web pages into groups and open them with a single click. Hint window for visited pages contains comments, screenshots and more. Web pages translating and voicing…

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