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RAUL stands for 'Run As User Launchpad'. RAUL is designed to allow specified individuals access utilities such as Task Manager in a restricted desktop environment.

Tobi On The Run

Re-live the thrill of the classic arcade hit Lode Runner as you help Tobi outrun the bullies and collect the Golden Donuts. Feel the excitement with this easy to learn, but hard to master puzzle game.

Win Menu 2000

Favorite Shortcuts

A quick launch utility that provides fast access to the hierarchical list of favorite and recently used programs, documents and folders. To bring it up, right-click on the Desktop, point to Favorite Shortcuts, and then click an item in the popup menu


An application launcher utility that allows you to create groups of shortcuts to applications, documents and URLs (Internet addresses) for rapid access from your Windows desktop. Shortcuts can also be associated with hot key combinations.


Do you have to often launch the same applications several times? Do you want to open things using your keyboard, never having to memorize the multitude of hotkeys? Do you want to launch a program group with just two keystrokes? Then this is for you.

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