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Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы


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Wise DVD to AVI Converter

WIse DVD to AVI/DIVX Converter is a powerful tool to backup your DVD into high quality of AVI/DIVX saved on your hard-disk.

SDE for Eclipse (CE) for Linux

SDE for Eclipse is a UML plugin for Eclipse. SDE supports the latest UML notation, reverse engineering (Java to UML model), code generation (models to Java code), import/export XMI, import Rational Rose, Microsoft Visio integration...

Splash Screen Machine

Create custom splash screen applications that display a Flash movie or an image, and then run a program or any other type of file. The splash screens support Autorun and are therefore ideal for introducing files run on a CD.

Stardust Screen Saver Toolkit 2003

Screen Saver Toolkit 2003 provides everything you need to create professional-quality screen saver products that you can distribute and sell royalty-free.


POSTER is the 5-star rated program for making big posters, signs, and banners. Posters can be up to 100x100 feet. Poster combines the best features of word-processing, graphics, and desktop publishing.


VCDEasy is a VideoCD (VCD/SVCD) authoring tool that allows you to play/watch your videos (from DV camcorder, DVD, DivX...), your pictures (from digital camera, scanner,...) and your audio files (music...) directly on most home DVD players.

Wise DVD Creator

Wise DVD Creator was designed to convert your AVI/DivX/Xvid /Mpeg/Rm/Wmv/ASF/Mov files to VCD/SVCD or DVD. You can use this software to create VCD/DVD from your digital video recorder, Webcam, or downloaded AVI/DivX/Xvid /Mpeg/Rm/Wmv/ASF/Mov file.

FadeToBlack AVI Video Editor

Quickly and easily join, split, crop, modify color, rotate, overlay, blur your AVI video files, along with sequences of JPG and BMP images or photos from your digital camera.


Create interactive multimedia applications such as presentations, photo albums, kiosks, e-books, e-cards, educational materials (CBT), screen savers and catalogs without any complicated programming. With MaxMedia your imagination is your only limit!


Create interactive multimedia applications such as presentations, kiosks, photo albums, educational materials (CBT) and catalogs without any complicated programming. HOTShow is the perfect solution for multimedia applications in several segments !!!

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Некоторые люди скрывают свой ум гораздо тщательнее, чем свою глупость.
Д. Свифт


Муж уходит на работу. Вышел из подъезда и вспомнил,
что у него нет ни копейки на обед. Кричит жене на пятый этаж:
-- Зоя! Брось полтинник на обед! Я деньги забыл.
Зоя появляется на балконе.
-- Вечно ты что-нибудь забываешь! Все у тебя не слава Бо-
гу! -- недовольно говорит жена.
Но за деньгами все-таки пошла. Приносит пятьдесят ко-
пеек мелочью и спрашивает:
-- А как я тебе их брошу? Они же разлетятся -- не соберешь.
-- А ты их в трояк заверни!


Водка-наш враг... Но кто сказал что мы боимся врагов?!

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