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Automptive repair shop complete Point of Sale software. Inventory, customer history, income, commission, spell check, end of day, backup and restore, fasy billing, Wrenchead parts and Mitchell labor guide.

AT Electronics

This automotive electronic systems simulation and diagnostic program is a combination of Electronics and Diagnostics. Learn how complex automotive systems work AND how to diagnose faults. Concentrates on engine management but others also included


CARCare tracks your auto service history, maintenance and repair expenses, fuel economy, and much more. It reminds you when scheduled maintenance is due, and offers a wide variety of pre-formatted reports.


Use software to track your maintenance and keep your vehicles in top condition. With easy to use reports and reminders, MileMate's three exciting Trim Levels will meet every need and budget. Take a Test Drive today and come in first with MileMate.

Classic Mustang Analyzer News 2001 Yearbook

Provides the Mustang enthusiast with news and information for 1964 through present Ford Mustangs.

Auto Maintenance Pro

Tracks and organizes preventive maintenance for home vehicles and equip. Automatically calculates maintenance due, issues reports, and generates history. Provides an unlimited number of user-definable mtc items. Track mtc by month, mileage, or hours.

Classic Mustang Analyzer

Helps the Mustang enthusiast research 1964 through 1993 Ford Mustangs. Checks the authenticity of the cars construction for restoration purposes or just for fun.

Kart Data 2000

Kart Data 2000 is a small freeware utility that will calculate various kart chassis settings including gear ratio, track speed and corner weights based upon the information you specify. Facilities are also included to create Gear Ratio Charts.

Automotive Wolf

Automotive software designed for anyone that owns a car or truck. Easily track maintenance, repairs, fuel usage, operating costs and much more. Feature packed with options and user configurable. It’s the best investment you can make in your vehicle.

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Кричащий в гневе смешон, а страшен молчащий в гневе.


1917 год. Ленин пришел в баню. Свободных шаек нет. Недалек
сидит пролетарий - в одной шайке моется, в другой ноги парит. Ле-
нин - к нему:
- товагищ, уступите одну шаечку!
- пошел на х...! Ленин отошел, побродил, шайки не нашел и
снова подходит:
- товагищ, это не по-коммунистически - у вас две шайки, а у
меня - ни одной!
- пошел на х... , а то щас как е...у шайкой по лысине!
Через пятьдесят лет. Председатель собрания:
- а сейчас перед вами выступит с воспоминаниями старый рабо-
чий, который два раза беседовал с Лениным!


Объявление: Творческое объединение "Папа Карло" настрогает Вам детей, из Вашего материала. (услышано в "Белом Попугае")

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