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Ricks Free HTML Indexer

free command line html indexer by Kirkham You choose titles and file name. I used CSS and a false target to open a new browser each time it's clicked so visitors would not lose their index to surf.

Mizo - CD Librarian

Mizo - CD Librarian stores a copy of a CD's directory structure and its file information in its database. The stored information can then be searched for files or directories. The entire structure of the scanned CD can be simulated.

2002 CD Eject

2002 CD Eject is a utility that manages your CD ROM drive doors. It allows you to open and close the CD ROM door by using a hotkey, desktop shortcut, or via an icon in your system tray. The latest version features full support for Windows XP.

CD to MP3 Freeware

A free and easy to use CD ripper software allows you to extract audio CD and convert to MP3 format.It can normalize the output files and supports additional LAME options. You can record to MP3 with your microphone,or convert WAV files to MP3 format.

CD Eject Tool

CD Eject Tool is a utility that manages your CD Drive doors. It allows you to eject and close the CD Drive door by using a hotkey, desktop shortcut, or via an icon in your system tray.

Burn to the Brim

Utility for determining how to ideally fit files and folders on a CD or other medium. In almost all cases it will find near- and perfect solutions within seconds. It will optionally move each found group to a seperate directory ready for copying.

Cover Gold Pro

Printing covers for CD jewel cases and DVD boxes couldn't me made any more easier. Cover Gold pro will automatically resize the images for you. All you have to do is, select the covers and press the print button.

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