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S.O.B. Caller ID Generator

SOB - The First Practical Caller ID Generator for Windows - generates several flavours of North American Caller ID, outputs to sound card or WAV file. Check out the totally redesigned user interface!

Advanced Call Center

An advanced, yet simple-to-use telephone tware answering machine for your voice modem. All the features you'd expect are supported: call monitoring and logging, Caller ID with pop-ups and voice alerts, "white" and "black" lists, and others.

PhoneTray Free

Easy to use FREE Caller ID software - shows CallerID, speaks name and number, logs all your incoming calls. Reject any unwanted call, zap telemarketers with special tone or play Federal do-not-call warning to remove you from their lists - by law!

Audio Caller ID

Audio Caller ID will announce a caller's name over your computer speakers, email you when specified calls are received, block calls you choose, publish your call log to the web, and dial the phone for you.

PhoneTray Dialup

Don't miss another call while online! PhoneTray Dialup can notify you when someone is calling while you are online. This full featured Caller ID software shows and speaks callers name and number, logs your incoming calls and blocks unwanted calls.

Ascendis Caller ID

Ascendis Caller ID works with your caller id service to track and announce phone calls and block annoying telemarketers! Calls can be announced with pop-up windows, sounds, or text-to-speech, and can trigger email, run other programs, or hang up.

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Мэн цзы


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-- Писать -- да, а читать -- нет,-- ответил слуга.
-- Напиши хотя бы несколько слов.
Слуга нацарапал какие-то каракули и подал хозяину.
-- Что это такое? -- спросил хозяин с возмущением.
-- Я же сказал, что не умею читать. Но, оказывается, вы тоже
не умеете читать!


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