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Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы



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This windows program bases on the Internet Explorer and has the same features. SiteKiosk protects public access (internet) terminals against manipulations. This version comes with tons of features. Download the free evaluation copy now.


SnapTalk is the cross-platform private chat and file transfer utility for your office. It uses peer-to-peer technology and runs independently from public chat systems for completely private messaging. Seamlessly connects Mac and Windows computers!


Reads aloud ICQ, MSN, AIM, Yahoo, Trillian Pro and Miranda messages. Integrates with Microsoft Outlook. Supports voice commands (speech recognition). Can be used from external applications and scripts. And much more...

Secure Network Messenger

Secure Network Messenger (SNM) - is a real time network communication program able to send and receive messages and files from one computer to another without using dedicated servers

Secure Network Chat

Secure Network Chat (SNC) - is a text chat able to solve all the problems in communication between your company staff members cardinally. SNC is especially designed to work with medium and large local area networks

ReDiSoG Animated chat

ReDiSoG Animated chat is a real time chat for small office, club or home local networks. ReDiSoG Animated chat perfectly combines highly customizable interface. You may insert animated smileys in messages. Animated chat rooms are funnier than ordinary ones.

Redcoal Mobile Messenger

Redcoal Mobile Messenger. Just click the 'Send SMS' created by this easy-to-install program and send and receive SMS messages to your field employees, staff, clients, partners and friends in 130 countries


Sysgraph is a program that monitors your network speed, RAM and CPU usage. It can optimize memory usage to make other programs run faster. It runs without installation so it keeps your system clean from unnecessary registry entries.

RealChat Software

Award winning chat software solution which meets the demands of many websites, companies and individuals. RealChat provides features like skins, avatar icons, pictures and sounds, multiple rooms and private messaging, administrative control, and more.


Use this complete small to large enterprise level instant communication solution to set up instant communication environment on corporate network without having to use dedicated server or third party services. Download your FREE trial copy now!

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К. Прутков


Шел как-то Насреддин по дороге, увязался за ним моло-
дой цыган и стал выпрашивать у него хоть что-нибудь. Ходжа цыган
терпеть не мог, он шел себе, не оборачиваясь, и раскошеливаться
вовсе не собирался.
-- Эй, господин,-- крикнул, наконец, цыган,-- дай мне хоть
монетку, а то я сделаю такое, чего никогда еще не делал.
Ходжа обернулся, кинул ему монетку, а потом спрашивает:
-- Что же такое ты собирался сделать?
-- Э, господин,-- отвечал цыган,-- если бы ты ничего не по-
дарил, пришлось бы, видно, мне взяться за работу! А этого я еще
никогда не делал.


Имеются ли данные о том, какой именно половой член вводился во влагалище потерпевшей.

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