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RSS Magic for .Net

RSS Magic is a .Net class library that allows developers the ability to download, manipulate, and save RSS feeds through familiar properties and methods. The RSS Magic component creates RSS feeds that conform to RSS version 2.0.

Report Sharp-Shooter

Report Sharp-Shooter is a royalty-free report building engine for .NET, capable of creating complex reports from multiple data sources with various report export options. The professional version comes with the source code! Try it free now!

Remote Update ActiveX Control

Allow your customers to check for updated versions of your apps through the web! With Remote Update ActiveX Control you can quick and easily adds the "Check for Updates" feature in your applications.

Registry Pro

Registry Pro is an activeX control that gives activex and COM (dll) developers easy access to the power of windows registry programming.

Teroid Grid Control

A .NET grid control with easy-to-program collections of rows, columns and cells

UniParser for Ada

Ada library for creating grammar parsers and lexers. Supports Unicode and other kinds of streams. Powerful, flexible and extensible. Creates syntax tree. Has various pre-defined constructs. Arbitrary reliable look-ahead. Object oriented.


QuickMile is Palm Pilot software that keeps track of your business miles for tax deduction purposes, and schedule routine maintenance for your car. It comes a 2 way conduit and desktop software which allows printing of reports and exporting to Excel.


PixTwix is an image processing ActiveX control featuring over 100 methods for manipulation and enhancement of images, special effects and filters, selections, undo, zooming and clipboard support. PixTwix can read and write many popular image formats.


WinTransRC helps you to manage multilingual resource files (*.rc). WinTransRC offers to you a higher level of conviviality and increased performances in the edition of your resource files to create localized programs.

VoltoGSC Google Search Component

The VoltoGSC Google Search Component is an ActiveX DLL that provides a lightweight interface to the Google Web APIs service. The component enables applications to query more than 2 billion web documents directly.

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