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Nevron Diagram for Windows Forms

Nevron Diagram for Windows Forms is a professional .NET component designed to provide your WinForms applications with advanced diagramming and flowcharting abilities. It allows for lots of different visualization and behavior customization.

Teroid Data Source Selector


Ortus Shell Components

Add MicrosoftВ® WindowsВ® shell functionality to your applications with this component package for the BorlandВ® developer community! The package contains 10 outstanding shell components.

Lucigenic DNS

Lucigenic DNS is a highly scalable Domain Name Server query component. Lucigenic DNS provides a simple interface to perform synchronous and asynchronous domain name server lookups. DNS can be used in all COM aware environments.

HIME: Huge Integer Math and Encryption

Library with encryption functions (public key/secret key) and huge integer math functions. RSA public key, AES (Rijndael) secret key encryption, SHA-256 hash function, PRNG: Blum-Blum-Shub and RSA, Diffie-Hellman. For every programming language.


High efficient dynamic hash table with tree organization

Lucigenic Binary

Lightweight COM component that provides essential routines for Internet applications. Lucigenic Binary implements methods for file and string compression, creation of self-decompressing archives, Base64 encoding, URL manipulation and much more.


OfficeMenu is the ActiveX control for VB that creates instant Office XP, Office 2003, and .NET style menus. No coding is required and it works with your existing menus, so a more polished user interface can be achieved in just minutes.


Mentext is an AI technology for working with plain English text, supplied as a software component. Using Mentext, developers can enable their software to identify meaning or information conveyed in text, regardless of the words used.


CardVerifier is an ecommerce component that provides credit card authentication services for over nine types of credit cards. CardVerifier is a lightweight multi-threaded COM server component that is scalable from desktop applications to Web Servers

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