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PSS Control Pack 1

This handy pack of activex controls for th Visual Basic Developer, it contains PSS Update Check, PSS System Tray Icon and PSS Safe Subclass. These controls are essential for almost any VB project you are working on.

PSS System Tray Icon Control

PSS System Tray Icon Control is a Royalty Free control that allows you to quickly add your application to the System Tray. You can change the icon and tooltip while displayed and a simple set of events event let you know when the icon is clicked

PSS Update Check Control

PSS Update Check is a Royalty Free ActiveX component that allows you to add that "Check for Update" button or menu item to you application in just a few lines of code. Now you can let your users know when the next release is available to them.

HackerWacker Personal Edition

HackerWacker Personal Edition 2 is a new update to our popular HWPE software. HWPE 2 monitors and logs URLS, keystrokes, Open Windows, and File and Shell Activity. An optional Filtering feature allows you to log to a fifth log for words and strings.

Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro

Outpost Firewall Pro - world's foremost protection application, providing a superior arsenal of defense against PC infiltration. Outpost offers Security, Control, Privacy and Ease of Use.


Easy to use .NET charting controls for ASP.NET and Windows Forms applications. The package includes Graph, Line, Area, Bar and Pie Chart components. Each of them can be fully customized via the hundreds properties and methods. Royalty free.

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