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Reggie Pro

Find out about free and expiring domain names easily Google search engine ranking helps you find popular expired domain names Includes 10 dictionaries (almost a million words with support for extended characters) Multithreaded=many times faster


NetSpeeder is a professional accelerator. It can fundamentally optimize your internet connection speed by up to 300% and substantially improve your download speeds for all types of connections from dialup to DSL, Cable, and Wireless.


- Want to know who is or owns an ip address or domain? - Search worldwide for interesting domains. - Hear when a line breaks down/is up. - Know why you can not reach a domain. - Solve internet problems from your desk. - New: Reports printable

Lucigenic DNS

Lucigenic DNS is a highly scalable Domain Name Server query component. Lucigenic DNS provides a simple interface to perform synchronous and asynchronous domain name server lookups. DNS can be used in all COM aware environments.

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