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Zero Assumption Recovery

ZAR is a comprehensive read-only data recovery solution for FAT16/32 and NTFS (including NTFS5) volumes that supports long and national file names. ZAR also scans for and retrieve partitioning information from the damaged disk.

Recover4all Professional

Easily recover (undelete) files that were deleted under Windows. The files can be recovered with a few mouse-clicks in a familiar Explorer-style interface. Recovers all types of files, no matter if they were deleted directly or with the recycle bin.

RECOVER Fixed/Floppy Disk FAT32/16/12

RECOVER Fixed/Floppy Disk. Data Recovery util for recovering files even when FAT and/ or folder and/ or Boot Sector (floppy only) is damaged. Targets surface damage in system area. Makes recovering files easy like never before. Editor's Choice Award

Recover Fixed/Floppy Disk

Recover Fixed/Floppy Disk. Data Recovery utility for securing files against damage to FAT and / or directory structure. Supports up to 2 GB partitions. Displays Readability of FAT, File Fragmentation, File Storage details.

Flobo HDDDocRecovery

Recovers text and MS Word .doc files from corrupted partitions.

Flobo Image Recovery

Recovers Microsoft Office corrupted files.

OfficeFIX Office Data Recovery

OfficeFIX is a data recovery software that restores corrupt or damaged Access data bases created using Ms Access 95, 97, 2000, XP, and 2003, all versions of Excel, and all versions of Word. This Suite includes ExcelFIX, AccesssFIX and WordFIX.

Flobo WipeTheDisk

Wipe data on your disk

Flobo Word Recovery

Recovers Microsoft Word (.doc) corrupted files. It provides recovery for text and image.

Active@ File Recovery for Windows

Powerful and easy-to-use undelete solution for FAT and NTFS-based systems. Also you can use it for floppy diskettes, and digital media (such as CompactFlash, SmartMedia, and Sony Memory Sticks)

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