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PS Tray Factory

PS Tray Factory will allow you: hide low-activity icons from a system tray into menu,hide inactive icons from a system tray into menu,change the order of icons in the menu,hide from the menu seldom used icons,restore icons in tray at crash Explorer.

Space Journey 4

Space Journey 4 screensaver with 50 elegant images takes you on an exotic voyage from our own planet past all other planets in our solar system and their moons. Enjoy incredible views carefully selected from NASA archives

Space Journey 3

Space Journey 3 screensaver images transport you on a near space voyage just above the surface of our planet. Featuring 39 elegant, colorful and truly beautiful images of our planet selected from the Earth As Art* images collection. Try it free.

Space Journey 2

Space Journey 2 screensaver images transport you on a deep space voyage ending nearly a billion light years away. 21 exquisite, graceful and truly fantastic high resolution images from NASA's greatest images. From star birth to collisions of galaxies

Space Journey 1

Space Journey 1 screensaver with 53 elegant images takes you on an exotic voyage from our own star, the sun, past our planets and their moons, then on a multi million light year deep space journey. Enjoy incredible views of distant nebulae, galaxies

SlideShow Desktop

Display full screen photo slide shows on your Windows desktop and manage your wallpaper with SlideShow Desktop.

Quick Hide Windows

Quick Hide Windows by CronoSoft is great for hiding program windows with a press of a hotkey combination. You easily bring them back with another combo. Hiding the taskbar and desktop icons is just awesome.

ShowFont - Windows Font Lister

ShowFont is a Windows Font Listing utility. It provides much more information than the Windows' Fonts applet. Detail includes: Style; Point Size and Pixel Size; Character Set; Pitch; Family; Face Name; Display Name and File Name.


ShowDT 2001 is a simple utility that uncovers and restore your desktop with the single click of an icon in the system tray; it's useful for people running Windows 95 or Windows NT4. It can also be run from a desktop shortcut or hot-key.

Sexy Desktops

The ultimate sexy wallpaper/screensaver utility! Sexy Desktops is a wallpaper manager/changer and a full featured screensaver with smooth DirectX image transitions, and allows you to download more than a thousand full-sized sexy desktop pictures.

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