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QPointer Keyboard

For people looking for an alternative pointing device, QPointer Keyboard provides unique capabilities of keyboard-only operation of the whole computer. QPointer software turns a regular keyboard into a direct pointing device.


Control and automate your system with handheld remote controls or multimedia keyboards. Use your computer as a hifi rack with Winamp, watch TV/DVD or give your business presentations the extra touch - controlled with your remote control and uICE!


The utility for automating routine computer tasks. It can archive data, run windows applications, copy files and folders,download files, send emails, start and stop NT services, etc. Tasks can be started by scheduler, system events, manually.

Hard Angel

Do you remember CIH? Hard Angel it is jumper for your hard drive: hardware protection of your drive; allows to lock attacks of viruses which use this mechanism; allows to warn the user about the risk of data loss; works under any OS.


Megatec compatible UPS minidriver for Windows 2000/XP. It allows you to integrate your UPS with power management system of Window 2000/XP. This driver was tested with HP-500VA, OPTI-UPS 525 bt, OPTI-UPS 825 bt.

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