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Mailbox Guard

The ultimate email protection against the cyberscam. It is effective against SPAM, viruses, worms, spyware and obscenity.


MailSpeaker is an all-in-one email voice notification program. Without opening email client, MailSpeaker notifies you upon arrival of new emails. It reads emails, text files, clipboard; saves & plays WAV files; & performs anti-spam filter functions.


Lydia Email Agent is a small, fast windows program that monitors up to 15 email accounts. Lydia not only notifies you when new email arrives but also filters spam, lets you read your email, reply to email, send email and delete unwanted email.

MailAssistant (Christmas Edition)

MailAssistant is an innovative software that notifies you of incoming e-mail messages and reads your e-mail messages as they arrive. This special Christmas Edition of MailAssistant includes cool greeting messages from an animated Santa character.

Dewqs' JunkMail Spittoon

Free spam protection tool. Selectable interface language: English, Franзais, Espaсol, Deutsch, Japanese...

Dewqs' No More Spam

Dewqs' NMS is a spam screener, and control tower, for several POP email accounts. Powerful heuristic engine (statistical dictionary) can be updated via the web (registered users only). Automatic unsubscribing, bouncing, and reporting, also available.

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