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Internet paging gateway that allows for email and web messages to be sent to alphanumeric pagers, cell phones or other paging devices. Email and email notification can be sent to numeric pagers.

Stationery Selector

Quicky and easily customize your email! Just browse and click to set a background image for Outlook Express email. Change your stationery as often as you change your mind!

Power Email Verifier

Power Email Verifier can check your email lists for valid emails. It can import large lists with no problem. Uses multithreading to verify emails at a very fast rate. Simulates the sending of email without sending any messages.

Power Email Extractor Lite

You can extract up to 100,000 unique email addressees per hour from newsgroup postings with this simple to use tool. Works many times faster than search engine email extraction programs that use multi threading.

Power Email Collector

Fast-multithreaded email address collector. Collect email addresses from domains like hotmail.com Collects over 500,000 valid emails an hour. Auto save extracted addresses. Includes a utility for merging/deduping large email address files.


PostCast will automate the creation of contact databases, send personalized messages and extract all data from your web forms. It possesses autoresponders, an integrated mail server, a scheduler and many, many other advanced options.


Pop3Hot is a new eMail solution to synchronize AOL, MSN, Hotmail or Yahoo with Outlook, Eudora, Pocket PC and others. Download and send messages, incl. all attachments. Synchronize all folders and use them offline via POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP.

Email Extractor FREE Edition

Email Extractor helps extracting emails from multiple files located in your hard disk. It merges, splits, counts, deduplicates, sorts emails in no time. It's the fastest and the easiest tool ever produced and.. it's cool.


netMailshar is an easy-to-use, powerful mail server that enables every computer in an office to send and receive email not only across the Internet but also within a LAN. It provides centralized, generic protection against all email viruses.

eReturn Detective for Outlook

Identify and flag contacts that bounced emails with the click of a button. Keep the database clean from any wrong email addresses and use eReturn detective to identify all bounced emails, schedule actions to take, and keep your Outloo database clean.

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