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Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы


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Reliable data-backup tool for any computer running Windows. Implements various types of backups in major compression formats and supports FTP backup, command-line mode, external file compressors, backup scheduling.

Backup Assistant

Systematic method for backing up, restoring and synchronizing datafiles.

NovaStor Online Backup

Backup critical files safely off-site to NovaStor's secure data center. User-friendly interface makes it easy to select files and schedule automatic off-site backups. Try our 15-day Free Trial with up to 250 MB of Storage.


ComparatorPro will finds, deletes and copies over duplicate files, will compare files and folders, also find missing files and perform full backup routines

NovaBACKUP Professional Edition - for Disk, CD-RW, DVD & Tape

NovaBACKUP Pro for Windows XP/ME/98/2000/NT supports hundreds of different tape and disk drives. Includes a full featured scheduler, registry data and extended attribute support, virus protection, encryption, DVD and advanced network support.

File Genie 2000

File Genie 2000 is an automatic backup utility offering data protection and recovery of lost files. More than just another backup program, File Genie 2000 keeps your files up-to-date while you work, eliminating the need for daily backups.

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