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Internet Researcher

Download to your PC and organize webpages and/or entire websites. Browse pages and websites later when Internet connection is unavailable. Surf the Internet faster. Search downloaded websites for keywords using built-in full-text indexing.


StopPop.net blocks Internet Explorer popup windows. A small, effective, and smart anti-popup software product than can kill annoying pop-up windows without your intervention. Unlike other pop up blockers StopPop.net only runs when you browse the web.

Stay Connected

Tired of being cut-off while downloading or writing an email? Stay Connected! can help solve all your disconnection problems. With multiple options to choose from, no matter how your ISP tries to disconnect you, you’ll never be knocked off!

SnipIE - Drag`n`Drop Snippets for IE

SnipIE lets you save, organize and annotate snippets of useful web content (news items, definitions, tips, product info, prices, web forms, contact information etc.). Also includes Internet Time Sync - to keep your PC clock up to date.

Sinope Summarizer PE Trial

Sinope Summarizer PE enables you to summarize the content of a webpage while browsing the internet. It uses advanced Natural Language Processing techniques to summarize the text of a webpage, while leaving the layout and graphics intact.

Redirect for Outlook

Redirect for MS Outlook give the opportunity to redirect messages instead of forwarding its: one more button, Redirect, will appear on the toolbar near the Reply and Forward buttons. Recipient of the redirected message will see it just as you saw it.

PowerTools Pro for AOL

Power up and customize America Online with this versatile and feature-rich add-on for AOL. Includes IM auto-logging and Log Manager, selective IM Answering Machine, custom mail templates, customizable AOL toolbar and menus, and much more.

Popup Blaster

The ULTIMATE popup ad killer. 4 filtering methods (including an unique intelligent smart filter), all fully customisable/editable. Boss key hides windows. Privacy feature clears online activity. Protects homepage. IE 4+

Pop-Up Menu Creator

Pop-Up Menu Creator is a program that lets you easily create DHTML website menus using a WYSIWYG interface. You can customize almost every parameter of the menu and create your own professional looking DHTML menu within a few minutes.

RSP MP3 Player OCX

ActiveX OCX to play MP3 , MP2 , MP1 , MPEG-2.0 and MPEG-2.5 media files

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Трудное дело - чихать с чувством собственного достоинства.
Ласло Фелеки


Продал Федор муку в городе, купил себе кожаные сапоги,
смазал дегтем и со спокойной совестью выпил городской водочки
в полное свое удовольствие. Да так, что едва вышел из города на
дорогу, что вела к селу. Но идти уже не мог и упал на дороге.
А воры тут как тут -- и сняли с него сапоги.
Утром едет мужик из села, видит -- лежит земляк.
-- Вставай, Федька!
-- Да еще рано...
-- Какое рано, уже солнце вон где!
-- Убирайся! -- сердится Федор.
-- Хм, еще и злится! Ну, Бог с тобой, валяйся, если нравится,
но хотя бы ноги убери с дороги, дай проехать. Вишь, как разлегся.
Глянул Федор на свои ноги и видит, что нет сапог, да и
-- Это не мои ноги, мои в сапогах!


П Р О Д А М: шорты с капюшоном

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