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Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы


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VTrain (Vocabulary Trainer)

VTrain helps you learn faster. It schedules spaced repetitions, and lets you review each flashcard only as often as it requires. It includes a multimedia editor, virtual keyboards, and a keyboard layout switch for 2 languages. *Free* for schools.

Teach Light Pro

Studying of any foreign languages. Active information "traffic" at a level of subsensory. Multilanguage Help, Interface and short Courses in five languages. Card of associated teaching. Educational Text. MP3 codec and Equalizer. Game. Hypnotic Disk.

TR BookShelf

Bookshelf takes plain text (TXT) files and displays the contents as if they were printed in a book. You get two pages (or one if you wish) side by side with generous margins and a clean, uncluttered interface.

TR Dictionary

An add-on to the Internet Explorer. It converts the browser into: Speaking dictionary. You can see the explanation in the pop-up hint, and hear it. Vocabulary drills. Three efficient tests will help you memorize new words.

vbSkinner Free

You can change the look of your application easily adding this control to the forms. With vbSkinner Free your project will have a skin. The forms will have a ronded look, with a new title bar.

vbSkinner Pro

You can change the look & feel of your application easily adding this ActiveX control to the forms. With vbSkinner Pro your project will have a skin system. The forms will have a ronded look, with a new title bar.

Vocabulary Racing

Learn new words in a foreign language of your choice easily with a fun words racing game. A right answer makes you go faster and a bad one - or taking too much time to answer - makes you slow down. Includes 200 english, french and spanish words.

Numero Lingo

Numero Lingo is the easy way to learn to count in many foreign languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Fluency in numbers is often the final hurdle to the complete command of a language. Let Numero Lingo be your tutor.

BCGControlBar Library Professional Edition

MFC extension library that allows you to create the most advanced user interface in the world. It combines easy of use and very powerful feature set implemented by highly customizable collection of MFC extension classes.

BCGPEdit (BCGSoft Professional Editor)

MFC extension library for incorporation an advanced edit control into any MFC-based application. It has the following features: Syntax highlighting, Color Blocks, IntelliSense, Markers, Symbol support, Drag/Drop support, Undo/redo support, etc...

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Неучи подобны бубнам: они производят большой шум благодаря своей пустоте.
О.Н. Бетлингк


-- Можете верить, можете не верить,--уверяет женщина не-
определенного возраста,-- но меня охватывает неописуемый ужас
при мысли о пятидесятилетнем юбилее.
-- А что с вами тогда приключилось?
-- Фи!.. Я этой даты никогда отмечать не буду! Я ее настолько
ненавижу, что даже и не вспомнила о ней в позапрошлом году!


Продаётся : расплющеный Мишка с надписью масляной краской на голове "Intel inside".

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