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Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы


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SmartPlay scans and autoplays the multimedia content of your CDs with the player of your choice and without the need for extra burned files on the CD. Use you PC as a multimedia player and play all your Music or Movie files instantly.

ATS MultiPage Control Center

Open and control multiple web pages with your favorite browser. Hide and show the selected pages (or all of them), open and close additional programs automatically (firewall, messenger, etc). Import your links in a tree view and more, much more...


This provides alternative ways to launch programs and to protect your computer from erroneous mouse clicks. Just draw colored transparent regions over the screen and assign a mouse-click action to the area.

ABC Amber Word2Excel Converter

Advanced utility which converts tables from DOC (MS Word) files to XLS (MS Excel) easily and quickly. Supports a batch conversion, a run from command line, more than 50 languages.


Launch applications by typing few characters of its name. Quickly run the most recent or the most used programs, find recently installed Start Menu shortcuts. Place the most used information in the handy toolbar. Manage your Windows startup programs.


Stop searching your crowded start menu. Use hotkeys or keywords to access files, folders, programs & websites instantly. Launch-n-Go is a simple quick-launch tool offering keyword & hot keys, the 2 most powerful shortcut solutions, in 1 software.

1st TurboRun

1st TurboRun is Net's most convenient Start menu replacement! Forget irritating browsing through folders and constant clicking. Down with solutions that take weeks to configure before they start working. This solution works instantly!

HTML2Exe Baler

Create your own Windows exe file from your HTML files! The program creates an compressed self runing exe file from HTML files. It is a kind of offline browser you can distribute. Even JavaScript is supported.

On-Time Operator

An easy to use task manager to launch computer applications at various times of the day for unattended processing. Logs in all work performed and the success/failure can be EMailed to third parties

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Мне кажется, и дерзость, и робость имеют один источник - неосведомленность.


Дело было в придорожной гостинице. Мальчик попросил
хозяина дать ему соли. Хозяин выполнил его просьбу и спросил:
-- Зачем тебе соль?
-- Да я подумал, может быть, вы захотите дать мне яйцо, и
мне тогда будет чем его посолить.
-- Что ж, возьми яйцо,-- сказал хозяин и, подумав, спросил:
-- А что, в вашем городке есть конокрады?
-- Мой отец честный человек, сэр. Но думаю, он с таким же
удовольствием украл бы коня, как я выпил бы вашего эля.
И мальчик с согласия хозяина осушил кружку эля. На что
хозяин заметил:
-- Да, ты настоящий янки!


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