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Optimum XP

Tweak Win XP with Optimum XP! It's so easy to accelerate, secure and customize XP with over 150 powerful tweaks and hidden settings. Optimize your CPU, RAM, hard drive, Internet speed, network, security, Windows, IE, Office, cheat at Hearts and more!

Startup Sentry

Startup Sentry is an extremely powerful yet easy to use management tool designed to track and report on hidden startup applications and drivers set to load or launch when Windows starts.

Startup Faster! 2004

Your computer is getting slower and slower? Your Windows spends more and more time on loading? Hear loud noise of hard disk when booting Windows? Startup Faster! 2004 - make your windows startup faster than ever!


SmartPacker improves space utilization in container shipping, trucking, and warehousing. The interface is very easy to understand, and the optimization engine used is Zhihuo's proprietary global optimization algorithm.

Bar Cut Optimizer and Manager

Bar Cut Optimizer and Manager is a length nesting optimizer and stock manager software. It minimizes the waste materials in the cutting process of any linear material like pipes, bars, tubes, profiles, paper rolls, extrusions, beams, cables etc.


Cacheman is a utility designed to improve the performance of your computer by optimizing the disk cache, memory and a number of other settings. Cacheman is able to prevent frequent paging to the hard disk, resulting in improved performance.

Advanced HTML Optimizer

Advanced HTML Optimizer is intended for HTML documents optimizing, resulting in shorter downloading / uploading time. Pages will appear in client's Internet browser in exactly the same way, but they will be about 20% smaller.


Optimumcut-1D is a Stand-Alone (1 Dimension) Cutting List Generator and Linear Material Optimization Software Tool which calculates and displays exactly how to obtain the best yield from stock lengths of profile. Obtain The Maximum From A Minimum

iSpeed for Windows

The settings for TCP/IP connections established when installing Windows do not typically give you the optimal throughput for your TCP/IP network connections. The simple changes that are facilitated by using iSpeed can easily increase your speeds!

Anetto HTML Optimize!

An award-winning tool for optimization of HTML files by means of removing unnecessary data from their bodies. Wide optimization options list with profiles system, good optimization ratio (average near 20 per cent), safe backup system, etc.

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Развитие -...процесс подсознательный, который сразу же прекращается, когда о нем начинают думать.
Б. Шоу


-- Слушай, Хаим, к нам в Одессу приезжает Эйнштейн!
-- Да? Это что, знаменитый аптекарь?
-- Да нет, это знаменитый физик!
-- А что он изобрел?
-- Теорию относительности.
-- И что, ее можно мазать на хлеб?
-- Ну, как тебе объяснить... Например, если ты переспишь
ночь с Сарой, то вся эта вечность покажется тебе одним мгнове-
нием. А если тебя посадят голой задницей на раскаленную плиту,
то даже это мгновение покажется тебе вечностью.
-- И что, он с этими двумя номерами будет выступать у нас
в Одессе?


Восьмой утренний парадокс. Вот что плохо в питье водки с утра - трудно будет провести день разнообразно.

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