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Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы


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Zultrax is a P2P file-sharing program. Search for and download your favorite music and video files shared by other users on a free peer-to-peer network equiped with all modern features amongst which advanced privacy protection.


eZPhotoShare is the easiest way to share digital photos privately with your friends and family over the internet! With eZPhotoShare's peer-to-peer connection, everyone can see the images LIVE at the same time.

A WebShare Meta Finder

WebShare Meta Finder is free software which will connect you to the most Popular search engines, downloads-sites Kazaa, eMule, eDonkey and Bit Torrent files. its submits searches to most popular search & downloads site directly from your desktop.


Search, download and share all types of files with this free peer-to-peer Gnutella client. Get MP3s, video, images, software, games, movies, music and more with FreeWire, the most advanced file sharing software available.


Simple, free universal viewer for PDF, CAD, 3D Models, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, digital photos: JPG, GIF, BMP, and more. Open multiple files of different type at once and tile to see them all on your screen at once. View compound .ez presentations.

Photographers Melbourne Australia James Buchanan Photography Free Folio Screensaver

James Buchanan Photography is a photographer from Melbourne, Australia. He is a well known photographer shooting on both digital and traditional film format cameras. Download version 4.5 of this popular free screensaver & multimedia movie today.

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Заспорили два студента: на каком слоге в слове "откупо-
рить" ставить ударение. Один говорит, надо произносить откупо-
рить, а второй утверждает: откупорить. Долго спорили. Подошел
к ним мужчина. Слушал, слушал их спор да и говорит:
-- Ребята! Сначала ее надо ударить по донышку рукой, а по-
том уж откупоривать.


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